Why use recycled timber?


By choosing West Australian recycled timber you can help reduce the logging pressures on our native forests and support the conversion of waste material into sustainable building products.

Durable & stable

Unlike engineered or kiln dried timber, recycled timber is naturally seasoned over decades, making it durable and stable. It also retains its deep, rich colour and grain during the restoration process.


Recycled timber flooring has a high level of thermal efficiency,
is hardwearing and a cost-effective choice over the term of its life.  Solid timber products can also add value to your property.


Recycled timber flooring can be a natural, healthier choice for allergy and asthma sufferers. It’s generally free from glues, dust mites, mould or bacteria and if coated correctly can also be VOC free.

Timber Product Range

Recycled  floorboards

Recycled Timber Flooring

These are solid tongue and groove floorboards salvaged from demolition, de-nailed and re-packed back into floor lots ready for dispatch.

Common board widths (mm):  
62, 82,105 and 130 x (19mm thick) 

Stock availability varies.


Re-milled  floorboards

Re-milled Timber Flooring

New machined timber floorboards, milled from old structural timber. Available in 19mm and 12mm direct stick/overlay flooring.

Common board widths (mm):
60, 80,105 & 125mm (12mm or 19mm thick)

Availability of source timber varies.



New machined decking boards milled from recycled structural timber, smooth both sides with an arris edge to assist with water runoff.

Decking boards width (mm): 82x19mm (thick)

 Availability of source timber varies.

Cladding & Lining Boards

Timber Lining and Timber Cladding

We mill high grade and rustic hardwood V-joint lining, shiplap and shadow line claddings from recycled timber for interior and exterior use.

Availability subject to product design and availability of source timber.

Timber Selection

The hardwood timber types or species we most often come across in the salvage process are West Australian Eucalypts, as featured below.
We also reclaim small quantities of early century imported timbers – Baltic and Oregon, however a large majority of our stock is Jarrah because it was the preferred timber milled and used for building construction in Western Australia over the last century.

Refer to the Timber Selection Guide in our Product Guide to understand more about the qualities and applications of each hardwood timber species.






Recycled Timber Product Guide

Making decisions on your flooring and home renovation products can be a daunting process.

For further information on our product range and services, refer to our Recycled Timber Product Guide.

Price List

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