What's the difference between Recycled and Re-milled flooring?

Recycled: is an old timber floor that has been salvaged from demolition, denailed, docked for re-use. Yes, it does have old nail holes, but they can be easily filled in the relaying process.

Re-milled: are new timber floorboards manufactured from recycled structural timber.We have standard stock lines, however we will try and mill to your specification.

What's a sub-floor ?

There are a variety of ways that a timber floor can be mounted, on joists, batten or plywood.

What are my choices of sub-floor?

Each sub-floor application will result in a different sound underfoot. Plywood and overlay floors will have a solid feeling, joist and batten mounted floors will have a softer feel.

Direct fix: where the floor is glued directly to a concrete pad. Either 12mm or 19mm thick boards can be used in this application.

Plank on plywood: plywood is glued and nailed to concrete. Either 12mm or 19mm thick boards can be used in this application.

Joist mounted: the old fashioned way of mounting a floor is on timber joists. The timber is layed and nailed onto a timber joist.Only a 19mm or thicker boards are recommended in this application.

Batten mounted: installed in modern homes and extensions with a concrete pad, for people looking for that old fashioned timber floor feel. Timber battens are nailed onto the concrete pad and then the floor is mounted and nailed onto the batten. Commonly used to level a new floor with an old floor.

What are random lengths?

We are quite often asked for set length packs of flooring and decking. Recycled timber comes in varying lengths and grades, depending on where its been extracted from. Unfortunately we can not supply to set length requirements.

What tongue & groove profiles do you do ?

Standard profile: is used for face nailing and is the profile commonly used in WA.

Secret nail: the secret nail profile is an alternative fixing method. This method is used with an offset tongue and groove profile.

V-joint: is a groove that is milled between the tonge and groove, commonly used for lining board applications eg. ceilings, dados etc.

End matched: is a process where a tongue and groove joint is machined at the ends of each board. This allows joints to be placed between joists, resulting in less wastage than plain end flooring, which must have its ends fixed over joists. Recycled end matched flooring comes in shorter pieces than typical recycled floors.

Finger joint: is when a lightning joint (interlocking fingers) is milled between lengths of timber, to make longer lengths. Commonly found in narrow floorboards 60x19mm.

Will my floor vary in grain and colour?

Keep in mind that timber is a natural product and that no two trees are the same. Unlike engineered timber products, natural hardwood timbers have variations in colour and grain. Spirals, gum veins, and other natural feature variations are caused by trees growing in a variety of climates, soil types and exposure to a range of forest conditions – fire, drought and insect attacks.

There are many finishing products on the market. Oils, waxes, polyurethanes (water-based, solvent based) will give you a different look. Always discuss your lifestyle needs and expectations with your installer before you apply a sealant.

Recycled floors and decking also have old nail holes, which are filled and sanded during the re-installation process. These variations and old wood characteristics are generally why our customers choose a recycled hardwood product.


How to buy from us

To inspect a pack of timber listed on our website, contact our warehouse for details.  Purchases can be paid for by credit card or EFT.

Do you do refunds ?

Sorry, we cannot refund unused, broken packs or remnant timber, so please ensure that you choose and purchase the right quantity of timber for your job.

When do I pay for my order?

Payment is required in full for an order prior to pick up or delivery.

When we receive your order and payment, we will ring you to arrange delivery. Due to storage constraints, we cannot store sold timber for an extended period of time.


Do you deliver ?

We can organise deliveries almost anywhere in Australia and overseas.

In the Perth metropolitan area we use local hiab operators to deliver your timber. We can arrange quotes for regional and interstate transport. If you want to arrange your own you will need to know the weight and dimensions of the pack. We are happy to supply this information.

Delivery can be scheduled between Monday and Friday. It can be difficult to specify exact times. Once delivered, we ask you to verify all quantities received on the day of delivery. If this does not correspond with the quantity marked please contact us immediately.

What if my timber gets wet ?

Timber is a natural product and can absorb moisture and warp.

During wet weather our products will be wrapped in plastic for transport. The wrapping protects the timber from rain, but it is not designed for long term storage, as it can sweat. Once on-site we recommend that the timber is placed in a moisture and sunlight free environment. Remove the plastic wrapping to prevent the timber from sweating and to aid the acclimatisation and drying process of the timber.

The Recycled Timber Company will not be responsible for the transfer of timber inside a building or out of direct weather.