Re-milled timber decking Perth
Re-milled Timber Decking

Available in: Jarrah

Widths: 82mm

Thickness: 19mm

Lengths: Random length packs

Profiles: Re-milled, smooth both faces – pencil/curved edge

Prices: from $60.50m²

Milled decking is only available in Jarrah, as it needs to withstand the harsh WA climate. We custom mill and select only the best timber so that it’s able to withstand these conditions over a long period of time.

Re-milled decking is new machined timber boards milled from old structural recycled timber, smooth both sides with an arris edge to assist water runoff.

Available in two grades, Standard and Utility (commonly known as feature grade).

Larger sized 110 and 130mm widths can be custom milled, but availability is subject to the availability of large sectioned structural timber.