About Recycled Timber
About Recycled Timber
About Recycled Timber
About Recycled Timber

First time customers are often surprised at the labour intensive nature of recycled timber.

The process involves salvaging timber from site, transporting it to the factory, unloading and grading the timber, detecting and removing old nails/bolts, docking damaged sections and re-packing and/or re-milling it into new boards or decking.

We aim to maximise the recovery (and minimise the waste) during the re-milling process, as we try and produce the best quality timber products for your business or home.

Why choose recycled timber?

Sustainable choice

Reusing Western Australian (WA) recycled hardwoods can help to preserve our native forests and reduce the logging demand on overseas rainforests. It avoids senseless dumping into landfills of reusable material.

Seasoned timber

Unlike kiln dried timber, recycled timber has been naturally seasoned over decades and offers greater stability, unique characteristics and excellent environmental credentials. Recycled timber is also known for its dense, deep, rich colour and grain.

Chemical free

Unlike other commercial flooring treatments – carpets, vinyl, tiles and imported plantation timber, recycled timber uses no harsh chemicals in processing or preservation.

Energy efficient

Hardwood timbers have a high level of thermal efficiency; they are durable and cost effective. Timber is a carbon neutral product, it uses very little energy in the production stage and stores carbon from the atmosphere.


Timber floors are easy to maintain and good for people who suffer from allergies and dust related illness. It does not hide dust or use harsh toxic chemicals to maintain it. There are now a range of low toxic eco-friendly floor finishes available today, as a safer alternative to the old solvent based polyurethanes. Talk to one of our ‘Trade Partners’ about these products.